Banknote Binding Machine

1) The design of paper-roll machine hand, which is flexible, complex and multi-layer, make the construction simpler.
2) The weight and volume is less than a half compared with the product of the same kind.
3) The operation is intelligent, and the function of tolerance is strong. Fix a breakdown with just one key.
4) The design of open construction makes the repairing easily.
5) The system checks the condition intelligent and then shows the wrong place automatically

Binding Way: Thermal binding, crossing binding or double crossing binging, open handle
Length of Paper-tape: Adjustable
Binding Speed: <2 secs per time
Gluing Temperature: Adjustable by different levels
Degree of Binding Tightness: Adjustable by different levels
Voltage: 220V 50HZ
Stand by Power: <3W
Max Working Power: 45W
Dimension: 250mm*210mm*150mm (W*D*H)
Net Weight: 4.8kg