IKE 24 Line PABX & Intercom System

Product Features:

  • Brand: IKE
  • Origin : China
  • Line In: 04
  • Line Out: 24
Warranty One Year
Model No. ISO 9002

Product Specification:

Line Capacity Up to 24 lines supported
Internal Communication Intercom feature for calls between extensions within the system
External Communication PABX enables external telephone connections for incoming and outgoing calls
Call Routing Incoming calls directed to appropriate extensions or departments
Voicemail Optional voicemail functionality for capturing and retrieving messages
Call Transfer Ability to transfer calls to other extensions within the system
Conference Calls Capability to host multi-participant conference calls
Call Management Features such as call holding, forwarding, waiting, and logging
Compatibility Supports analog phones, digital phones, and IP phones
TC-2000P   Incoming CO Line   Local Station(Extension) Expandable or not
Capacity  2, 3, 4 8, 12, 16,24, 32 No
Item Patameter
Power AC110V or AC220V   50-60Hz
Feed Currency DC48V; 25mA
Ringing Currency AC65v/50Hz
DISA 15 second
Communication path 7
Extension number length 2 to 4 digits
Caller ID * Receive: Auto adapt DTMF, FSK (Bell.202)
* Send: FSK (Bell.202)
Dial mode DTMF
Degree of Unbalance
about earth
* 300Hz~600Hz≤40dB
* 600Hz~3400Hz≤46dB
Transmission Attributes * Extension to extension ≤1.5dB
* Extension to extension ≤2.0dB